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Affordable Online Degrees

financial aidAlthough as an educational field the means have existed for some time, the possibilities of online learning and the earning of degrees via online courses and exams has particularly started to hit its potential in the last several years, as high-speed internet makes the possibility of accessing lectures easier than ever. With this change in the nature of higher education comes the exciting and unique opportunity for qualified students with limited time or access to university campuses the chance to earn the degree that suits them best.

In other words, the internet is creating an educational meritocracy that is very new in the history of education, with more students seeking out the advantages of a degree for career success than ever often through nontraditional means. The number of universities creating such programs are increasing, and they are often some of the most prestigious institutions in the world. It has become standard fare for even the most elite universities to at least offer online courses, with MIT and Yale often posting such courses for free on special websites.

As someone seeking out an education in the era of Web 2.0, the world is one’s oyster, with myriad of ways to earn a degree online and at low cost. With reputable institutions like the University of Southern California, Pace University, and Oregon State University opening their doors to students who wish to seek out a degree via long distances, when raising a family, or when working (or all three!), the possibility of gaining a good education no matter what hurdles stand in a student’s way is profound.

What is an Online Degree?

online degreeAre you thinking about pursuing a degree but do not have the time to go to school? Online degrees are academic degrees that are earned online. Conveniently earned online, these degrees are mostly made of college courses that are earned toward associate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees; however, high school diplomas and non degree certificate can also be earned online.

What are the advantages of online degrees?
There are many advantages to earning an online degree and among these advantages are:

  • You are not limited to the area that you live in as far as choosing what degree program you want to pursue.
  • Online classes offer the flexibility that is not found in traditional classrooms and you are able to learn at your own pace; as long as the assignments are completed by the set deadlines of the course. You can also do and complete your assignments early in order to work around your schedule.
  • Whether you are a day person or a night person, another advantage to earning a degree online is that you get to choose your own hours.
  • Online schools are also affordable with no commuting costs and costs of traditional school supplies. Materials are often downloaded.

Why should I get an Online Degree?

masterEarning a college degree is almost a necessity in modern times, with those possessing degrees earning at least two times as much money in their lifetime as those without a degree. However, earning a college degree is not just about getting a piece of paper; it should also be about learning the skills that you need to be effective and sought after in the workplace. But if you are a busy, working adult, possibly with a family or fulfilling social life, you may wonder how you will find the time in your already packed schedule to both learn and earn that degree.

With an online degree you can get that sought after college diploma, and learn the skills that you need to be successful and to move up that corporate ladder, all at your own pace and on your own schedule. Why earn an online degree? Because you are a busy person, with multiple demands put upon your time. You do not have the luxury of driving to class through rush hour traffic after already having put in a hard day at work. You do not have the time to sit in class listening to boring lectures when you have a family who needs you.

With an online degree you skip these unnecessary requirements of traditional degrees and go straight to the learning! You learn what you need to know, in the comfort of your own home or office, at a time that is convenient for you and your family. With an online degree you can learn, grow and get the credentials that you need to succeed.

Finding the Best Online College for You

certificateAs a student, finding the best online college for you can be a challenging process, but with the right attitude and information at your disposal, it doesn’t have to be. In the words of successful entrepreneur and all-around genius Steve Jobs, the key to success is passion.

In many ways, seeking a career with a minimum of passion is a lot like trying to drive a car with a minimum of gas. It may work, and you may move forward, but in the long term it will only get you so far. With a good work ethic and the right choices, online colleges via excellent institutions like Colorado State University and Pace University offer highly-ranked programs esteemed by national publications such as US News and World Report, for example, and your ability to choose from a variety of subjects that appeal to your sense of wonder and passion will keep you in good stead in the future.

Earning a living is important, and if you have plans to raise a family or buy a home, money can do much to help. Certainly if a job pays well and you’re passionate about the subject then so much the better. But using money as a driving force behind getting an education and a career is putting the cart ahead of the horse. The best way to succeed at a subject is to find one that sparks your interest and curiosity.

If you long to help people and work hard, for example, you may want to choose a major (at an online college with a good reputation for that major) that will push you towards a medical or nursing degree. A love of helping others may make you choose a major that will propel you towards a career in public-interest law. Maybe you love to write, and an online college with specialties in creative writing would best suit you.

Whichever route you choose, remember that passion counts above everything else in life and is the best guarantee of success.

Securing Financial Aid

financial aid signPaying for college can be a scary experience when one is short on money. Fortunately, there are a few ways to qualify for financial aid and greatly lower your out-of-pocket costs. The first step for anyone seeking financial aid is to fill out a FAFSA at Be careful to avoid services that offer to process your FAFSA for a fee: FAFSAs are always free to submit. When filling out the form online, list the schools to which you are applying. This way, a copy of the FAFSA will be sent to the schools for you.

Not all financial aid comes from the government, though. You can also apply for scholarships at your college of choice. Call the college registrar and ask for a list of available scholarships. You should also ask if you are automatically put into consideration for scholarships or if you need to apply for them individually. Find out from the registrar what you can do to apply for merit- and need-based scholarships. Follow your registrar’s instructions and you’ll be well on your way to financial aid.

You can also apply for general scholarships that will pay for your education at any school. Websites like are helpful when you need to find scholarships available for any student. Often these scholarships are won as prizes or awarded to the top competitor in a certain competition. Enter into as many free drawings as possible and you could find yourself hitting the financial aid jackpot.

Getting the Right Online Education

top of the worldThe 21st century offers a wealth of new ways to get an education, with online schools attaining status and respect in the field. Unfortunately, the abundance of opportunities also makes for an intimidating experience when you find yourself in the market for an online school. It’s important to choose the right one so that you can get the best experience for your money.

Is it Accredited?
It is important to consider the following when deciding where to ‘attend’ for online schooling. First and foremost, ensure that the school is accredited. The National Educational Association sets widely accepted educational standards, so that you can trust the validity of what you’re learning. Failure to get an education at an accredited school could mean hours of your hard work go down the drain when a potential employer dismisses your school as a ‘degree mill’.

How will Schedules Work?
You also need to decide if you want real time classes known as Synchronous, or Asynchronous classes that you can take on your own time. If you have a job or a family, the latter may be preferable. With asynchronous learning, you do the coursework and read the materials at your schedule. The former type, however, may give you more of a sense of being part of a class. Or you may be one of those people who needs someone else to set the pace and keep you on schedule. Online admissions representatives work for these schools and are ready to talk to you about your needs and whether the particular courses will be a good fit for your goals and lifestyle.

Will Credits Transfer?
If you are interested in pursuing your education at different schools over time, find out what credits will transfer ahead of time, and plan accordingly. If you begin your education at one institution but the credits won’t transfer to another you plan on attending, you could be wasting a lot of time. With online institutions, it is very important to do your research. Also take the time to talk to online admissions counselors about your goals.

What are the most valuable degrees to employers?

gangster knotWith today’s economy and job market, students need to know exactly what degrees to pursue to make them good candidates for landing their first career job upon graduation. The parents of these debt strapped kids will also be appreciative of this list.

Booming Industries
The field with the most job growth and opportunity right now is the health care industry. The degrees most likely to land you a job and decent paycheck include Pharmacist and Medical Technician. A Nursing degree seems to always be in demand, and the growth of opportunities for Physical Therapists has been quite significant.

Another industry growing by leaps and bounds is the technology field. Computer Science, Information Technology and Systems, and Computer Programming are exceptional degree choices.

Managing Business
For those not interested in science, health and computers these degrees will offer great value as well. Business Administration is a booming field with high rates of employment and good pay. Those more savvy in mathematics may want to try their hand at Accounting, Finance or Marketing. Each of these degrees offer great starting salaries, and the number of jobs in these areas are growing.

One More Option
The world will always need Engineers of all types. Jobs for engineers are ever present and in high demand. Eight of the ten best paid undergraduate degrees are types of engineering including Biomedical, Electrical and Civil to name just a few.