Top 10 Cities for Employment Outlook

Jobs are hard to find. However, there are cities that provide a much better chance at getting a good job than others. Combining information from multiple sources, the following are the top cities in the ranking for employment outlook and worth a look for future careers:

1. Bismarck, North Dakota

Bismarck NDWhy is it on this list?
It would be wrong not to include the city with the lowest unemployment rate in the country. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Bismarck, North Dakota has the lowest unemployment rate of only a 2.4. This is only one third of the United States national average unemployment rate of 7.3 in the same list.

What kind of jobs?
Most of the jobs available tend to be government jobs through the state or the city and medical jobs. The highest number of jobs are with the state of North Dakota. The second highest number of jobs go to the medical care facilities in the city.

A little bit about the city:
Bismarck is the capital of North Dakota. The city is well known for its recreation district. There are several parks, pools and golf courses in the city. There are many exercise trails and Bismarck is a regional center for health care, which means it’s a city geared towards a long and healthy life.

2. Fredericksburg, Virginia

Fredericksburg VAWhy is it on this list?
Fredricksburg, Virginia is on this list mostly because of the location of the city. It is directly in the center of Richmond, Virginia and Arlington, Virginia. Richmond is on Forbes list of the top ten cities find jobs and Arlington is in first place in their list for the top paid jobs in the country. It also helps that Washington, D.C. is also only located an hour away.

What kind of jobs?
Over 50% of the jobs in nearby Arlington will be high paid jobs. It is the home of companies like Lockheed Martin, Marriott International, US Airways Group and Boeing. Between these companies and the government of the United States, there are thousands of good jobs available.

Richmond, Virginia also has its fair share of good companies to work for. Dominion Resources, CarMax, Owens & Minor, Genworth Financial, MeadWestvaco and Altria Group are all Fortune 500 companies located in Richmond.

A little bit about the city:
Fredericksburg was a large part of the Civil War with a few battles taking place on its lands. There are many sites to visit to learn more about the history of the nation. It is also the home to Central Park, the second-largest mall on the East coast.

3. Seattle, Washington

Seattle WAExcellent climate, great for high paid tech and artistic jobs
Why is it on this list?
Seattle, Washington is also on the Forbes list for having some of the highest paid jobs in the country with a similar percentage of high-paid careers to Arlington. It is on this list and that one for very good reasons.

What kind of jobs?
The jobs in Seattle are a mix of old-school industrial jobs and technology companies. For instance,, Starbucks and Nordstrom are all based in Seattle. There are also great companies located nearby. Microsoft is located in Redmond. Costco is based in Issaquah.

A little bit about the city:
The city is home to one of the best climates in the country when it involves temperature. Temperatures rarely go below35 degrees or above 77 degrees. There is a lot of rain during the winter months, but the temperatures can make up for it. The city is also well known for housing thousands of creative people.

4. Bethesda, Maryland

Bethesda MDWhy is it on this list?
Bethesda, Maryland is another of the Forbes favorites for finding employment. Unemployment rates are only 5.2, which is still much lower than the national average.

What kind of jobs?
Bethesda is home to hospitality, construction and healthcare jobs and the city is constantly looking for people to work in those jobs. Some of the companies in Bethesda are Host Hotels & Resorts, American Capitol, Ritz Carlton, Iridium Satellite LLC and Coventry Health Care.

A little bit about the city:
Bethesda is home to a very wealthy and educated population. However, Bethesda isn’t actually a city. It is a census-designated place. This means it is a location that is grouped together for the purposes of the census. The city has been mentioned in popular culture and a game company has even been named after the area.

5. Fargo, North Dakota

Fargo NDWhy is it on this list?
Fargo, North Dakota and the next city on this list both tied for the second lowest unemployment rate in the country. They have only a 3.0 unemployment rate.

What kind of jobs?
Previously, careers in Fargo centered around agriculture. More recently, the careers trend towards food processing, technology, higher education and healthcare. Some of the organizations that are hiring include North Dakota State University, Case New Holland, US Bank Service Center and Essentia Health.

A little bit about the city:
Fargo is home to a few arenas, auditoriums, museums and theaters which means it takes its history and arts seriously. It has also seen speedy expansion in the downtown retail area of the city. It is the largest city in North Dakota.

6. Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Sioux Falls SDWhy is it on this list?
As mentioned previously, Sioux Falls, South Dakota is tied with Fargo, North Dakota, ranking the second lowest unemployment rate in the country. A rate of 3.0 is less than half of the national average.

What kind of jobs?
Sioux Falls is similar to Fargo for another reason; its economy has slowly changed from agriculture to financial services, healthcare and retail trade. It is home to Sanford Health, Avera Health, Wells Fargo, Citigroup and Hy-Vee. There is no state corporate income tax, which is the reason for the financial companies on the list.

A little bit about the city:
Because of the number of white collar jobs in the area, Sioux Falls has filled a need for more arts and culture in the area. They have artistic events for poetry and sculptures. They also have their own jazz and blues festivals. And it is similar once more to Fargo because it is the largest city in South Dakota.

7. Austin, Texas

Austin TXWhy is it on this list?
Austin, Texas only has a 5.2 unemployment rate. And it is also included in the Forbes list for finding careers.

What kind of jobs?
The top jobs are healthcare, business services, manufacturing, customer service and call centers. It is a major city for high technology jobs. Companies providing jobs include Dell, Freescale Semiconductor, IBM, 3M, Apple, Hewlett-Packard, Electronic Arts and Facebook. These are only a few of the companies that have operations in Austin.

A little bit about the city:
Austin is the capital of Texas. It is also the eleventh largest city in the country. A local motto for the city has been, “Keep Austin Weird.” The motto is meant to keep the people of Austin grounded in the diversity of the city. The citizens are not fans of development projects that mess with the local environment.

8. Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville FLWhy is it on this list?
Jacksonville, Florida is also on the list of cities that Forbes believes are great for finding employment. They also have a decent unemployment rate of 6.7. It’s below the national average, although not very far below it.

What kind of jobs?
Jacksonville is also hiring in the fields of technology, healthcare, call centers, and hospitality. It houses the headquarters of CSX Corporation, Fidelity National Financial and Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc. The economy is helped tremendously by the fact that Jacksonville is a major port city.

A little bit about the city:
Jacksonville is the largest city in Florida. It has a rich history in the performing arts. It is also meets the needs of the military through local military airports and naval bases. It has the third largest naval presence in the United States.

9. Boston, Massachusetts

Boston MAWhy is it on this list?
Boston Massachusetts also has a high percentage of well-paid jobs. The unemployment rate is nothing to be ashamed of either at 6.2.

What kind of jobs?
Boston has the one of the largest economies in the United States at sixth place and also one of the largest economies in the world at twelfth place. Jobs include technology, healthcare, tourism and financial services. Companies include Santander Bank, Fidelity Investments and State Street Corporation. Boston is also home to a lot of publishers including Houghton Mifflin, Bedford-St. Martin’s Press, Beacon Press and Pearson PLC.

A little bit about the city:
Boston is also a major seaport like many of the other cities on this list. Once again, it is the capital of Massachusetts and the largest city in the state. It is also one of the oldest cities in the state and was involved in the American Revolution, Boston Tea Party and the Battle of Bunker Hill.

10. Mountain View, California

Mountain View CAWhy is it on this list?
Mountain View, California has a decent unemployment rate of 5.2. However, its main claim to fame and also the main reason it is on this list is Google, considered by CNN to be the best company to work at.

What kind of jobs?
Mountain View is considered part of Silicon Valley. Although Google is one of the biggest names in the city, there are also many other technology firms located in the city. 23AndMe, Geeknet, Playdom, Mozilla Foundation, CyberSource, Y Combinator, SETI Institute, CEVA, Inc., Symantec and LinkedIn are just a few of these.

A little bit about the city:
Mountain View is actually the original city that was part of Silicon Valley. Shockley Semiconductor Laboratory was founded in the city by William Shockley. That company was the first to create silicon semiconductor devices. This makes it the heart and soul of Silicon Valley.

While jobs are hard to find, the cities above are great places to start looking.

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