Top 10 Most Affordable Online Bachelors Degree Programs

bachelorThe U.S. News and World Report recently reported that online education requires colleges to make investments in faculty and technology that can make enrollment expensive.

Investment in technology and the training of professors to use it affects the cost of enrollment. However, affordable online colleges offer tuition that is lower than students can find at an on campus school. Finding a cheap way to get an education may involve living at home instead of on campus. Industrious students who want to get ahead can keep a job during the day or night and attend online class in their off hours. Avoiding the expense of living in a dormitory makes it easier to earn an online bachelor’s degree and live at home.

Some online schools provide tuition that is not cheap but it is affordable. Information about affordable online colleges is sometimes difficult to find, but these schools provide data about tuition and fees that students need to know.

1. Ashworth College

Ashworth College logo$10,080
Three payment options provide a savings of $300 for students who pay in full for 15 credit hours per semester: $990 for full pay, $1180 for monthly auto pay and $1290 for monthly bill pay. Popular studies include business administration, criminal justice, early childhood, management, marketing, and the typical program requires eight semesters to complete. Total cost is estimated at $10,080. Ashworth allows students to transfer credits that may amount to 75 percent of the requirements for a degree.

2. University of Florida

University of Florida logo$9,390 – $11,640
Florida residents can qualify for in state tuition that allows undergraduate tuition of 208.77 per credit hour, but non-residents are required to pay a fee of 707.21 for the 2013-2014 academic year. The school offers four year online bachelor degrees in many fields of study.

The cost schedule for undergraduate online students includes an estimate of living costs for a total of $17,820 as an average cost for academic year 2013-14. The cost for the year for students who live with their parents is $9,390, but out-of-state students need to add $11,640 to the cost of tuition and fees.

3. American Public University

American Public University square logo$15,250
Offering more than 180 online programs, the school cites statistics from employers who are willing to hire its graduates again. Undergraduates pay $250 per credit hour, and a $50 technology fee is required for each course.

4. University of Wyoming

University of Wyoming square logo$17,760 – $23,040
Degrees in business and business administration are offered by the school in its online program. A minimum of 120 semester credits are required for a bachelor’s degree, and the price per credit for in state students is $108. Out of state students pay a higher rate at $152 per credit. The bachelor completion program accepts transferred credits. Additional fees include $40 for each semester credit for a total of $4,800, making the cost of the degree range from $17,760 to $23,040, depending on residency status.

5. Colorado State University at Pueblo

Colorado State University - Pueblo square logo$17,880
Focusing on degrees in social science, psychology, and sociology, the University requires 120 credits for the degree. In state and out of state students pay 149 per credit, and the total cost for the degree is $17,880.

6. Macon State College

Macon State College square logo$18,478
Online delivery applies to 100 percent of the courses in computer science and information technology at the school. A minimum of 122 credits is required, and each credit costs $127. All students are required to pay $200 per semester for institution fees for a total of $2400. A fee for technology is $46 per semester or $562 overall. The cost of the degree is estimated at $18,478 for the current academic year.

7. Middle Georgia State College

Middle Georgia State College square logo$18,478
State residents pay $127.27 for each semester credit, and it is the same for out of state students. Additional fees include $200 per semester for a total add on of $2,400 and a technology fee per semester of $46 or $552 total. Specializing in information technology for online students, the school offers an online bachelors degree in computer science and information technology. The total estimated cost of the degree is $18,478.

8. Fort Hays State University

Fort Hays State University square logo$22,109
The school features programs in nursing, child development, human services, gerontology, justice, sociology, business and psychology. Tuition for undergraduates is $182.00 per credit hour through the summer of 2014. Admission fee is $30 for degree-seeking undergraduates, and other fees may apply. The estimated cost of a bachelor’s degree is $22,109.

9. Chadron State College

Chadron State College logo$22,800
An online degree in business administration at Chadron costs $26,400, including a $220 fee per semester credit. As a bachelor completion program, the school accepts transfer credits as part of the 120 credits required for a degree.

10. Western Governors University

Western Governors University square logo$23,120
Featuring programs for aspiring teachers, the school allows all students to pay the same rate of tuition at $2,890 per term. For eight terms, the estimated price of an online bachelors degree is $23,120 exclusive of fees. The school does not charge on the basis of credit hours. A one time fee for science lab is $350 for in state as well as out of state students. All students who are enrolled in teaching programs are required to pay a one time fee of $1,000 for a demonstration teaching experience.

Businesses often engage in due diligence that provides the basis for making financial decisions. Students have the opportunity to follow leads for affordable online colleges by using similar research methods to find cheap and affordable ways to earn a degree.

Most colleges require fees that are not included in their tuition schedule. Some offer lower tuition for students who are state residents, but others provide the same rate for all students. Researching the Internet for tuition rates is the best way to find affordable online colleges.

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